Half Day 3 to 6 years old (8am-12pm)
Half Day 3 to 6 years old (8am-12pm) 1 to 1 幼儿教学    | Tadika Hati Ria
Tadika Hati Ria's unique 1 to 1 teaching kindergarten has benefitted many students, helping them to be able to read in all 3 languages; English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. A child's foundation starts with us!

Our Subjects includes 我们的课程包括:
1. English 英文  
2. Bahasa Malaysia 国语
3. Mandarin 华语
4. Mathematics 数学
5. Mental Arithmetic 珠心算
6. Computer 电脑
7. Moral 道德
8. Science 科学
9. Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音
10. Swimming Class 游泳班
11. Art & Craft  手工
12. Physical Education 体育
13. Montessori Skill 蒙特索利技能
14. Story Telling 讲故事
15. Music class 音乐班

To enquire about the latest fees structure, please do contact us at 0122891093 (Ms Julie) or you may leave your details below.


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